About the campsite

The nearest beaches are Cala del Castell, which is 4 kilometres from the campsite and has a nudist area, and Cala Bona, which is part of Cala Estreta and is 5 kilometres from the campsite.

Castell can be reached by car, or on foot or by bicycle on the greenway. To access Cala Estreta, cars are not allowed. You have to park your car in Cala del Castell and walk 1.5 kilometres.

The nearest village is Mont-ras and next to this village there is Palafrugell, which is a little bigger. They are 3 and 5 km away respectively and can be reached by car or on foot or by bike on the greenway. We also have Palamós 6 kilometres away, which can also be reached by car or bicycle via the greenway.

No, there is only yoga on the weekend mornings, on the pool lawn. It is free and there is no need to reserve a place. Both adults and children can go.

In the campsite you will find a bar, restaurant, supermarket, swimming pool (for adults and children), jacuzzi, playgrounds, sports area, library, among others.

We have Wi-Fi throughout the campsite, but it’s not free. At the reception you can find the corresponding rates depending on the hours or days you want to hire.

Yes, but they must be booked in advance.


Yes, always supervised by the owner and tied up when walking around the campsite.

In the case of bungalows, please note that you are bringing a pet when booking, as we only have a few where pets are allowed.

About the bungalows

Only bungalows Nemo and Morea have air conditioning. There is no antenna socket in any bungalow.

No, the bungalows are located on a hill, so cars do not have access to them. However, there is a common car park right in front of the bungalow area.

The Nemo and Morea type bungalows, being located in the plot area, do have space to park the car next to the bungalow.

There is no minimum number of nights on the plot, you can spend the night there.

In a bungalow the minimum number of nights is two, except in high season when there are five nights minimum. Under no circumstances will you be able to stay overnight for only one night.

The bungalows are equipped with all the basic utensils: forks, knives, glasses, plates, pans, pots (you can find the inventory in the bungalow file). They also have an Italian coffee machine (Melita), a microwave and a small fridge.

What you will not find are towels and sheets. You can take them from home or rent them at the campsite.

– If you bring them from home, the size of the beds is: double bed 135cm and single bed 90cm.

About nudism

Whenever the weather conditions allow, you will have to go naked in all areas of the campsite. Swimsuits and underwear are strictly prohibited.

You must go naked in all the facilities of the campsite, including the restaurant, the bar and the supermarket; however, for hygiene reasons, always bring a towel to sit on. We rent them and if not, you can also use sarongs.

For sports it depends on each person. You can go well equipped according to the sport you want to practice or play naked.

In this case, the best option is to bring a sarong or towel to cover yourself if you wear underwear while walking around the campsite.

However, under no circumstances will it be possible to access the swimming pools with swimsuit, bikini or sarong. Therefore, if you want to bathe anyway, you can wear a tampon or wait for the menstrual period to pass.

Yes, if they are still too young, they can bathe in water diapers (not swimsuit).

In the same way, babies will be able to wear a water T-shirt that is especially suitable for protection from the sun.

Yes, Camping Relax Nat has proven over the years tob e a wonderful place for children as well. Although there is no animation, the children have a great time her together. Being naked in a beautiful natural environment certainly contributes tot his. Depending on their age they meet each otherat one of the playgrounds, the swimming pools, at sports and games or simply at the bungalow, tent or caravan.


Yes, if you are already a client of the campsite and we know you, you can come and spend the day without spending the night. The price of the camping fee per person + 5 euros for the vehicle must be paid. The vehicle will be parked in the large car park.

Yes, we have enabled a space with lockers for customers who just want to spend the day to store their personal belongings.

The visit rate gives access to the campsite until 8 pm.

About the Covid-19

At the campsite we proceed in the same way as the general regulations. In open spaces you can go without a mask, always keeping a safe distance from other people who do not belong to our bubble group.

In enclosed spaces, such as the reception or the supermarket, it is necessary to access it with a mask.

The campsite works 100%, we do not have any closed facilities.