Are you hungry or need to buy something? Do not you worry! In the campsite we have a restaurant and cafeteria where you will be served the best dishes. If you want to make a barbecue with friends or family, it is also possible in the common barbecue area. In addition, if what you want is to cook or if you need something urgent, you always have the supermarket at your disposal. We don’t want you to miss anything!

Apart from all this, we have a library where you will find books in different languages. As long as you feel like reading, you can come in and grab the ones that catch your eye the most.

Did you know that…

Our library has been created over the years; we can say that it is a host library. It all started with a client who left a book he no longer needed and thought that maybe other guests could enjoy it. Gradually, other customers began to do the same. We now have a library with books in many languages ​​that customers can read freely, always treating them with respect and care.